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Having more than 10 years of experience in the field of metalworking and related fields, in 2019 a decision was made to create an enterprise whose main activity will be the provision of an optimal range of metalworking services. Namely, the selection of optimal equipment and personnel to cover ALL the needs of our customers in the production of:
- parts of machines and mechanisms;
- conveyors and conveyors;
- machine tools;
- elevators;
- metal cases and cabinets;
- agricultural equipment and other sometimes non-existing products.

Also, an important direction for us is the manufacture of metal structures, the implementation of original architectural solutions, unique design ideas, furniture and decor for the interior and exterior.

What important principles allow us to confidently move and develop in the field of metalworking:

        - First of all, it is maximum automation, namely maximum involvement in the work of machines, excluding the human factor.
        - If certain works are performed by people, and without it, there is no way - when we work with individual orders and complex products. In this case, even at the design stage, we include a mandatory quality check, according to various criteria, for various products.
        - Complex parts and complex products are designed in 3D CAD; if necessary, load simulation and motion studies are carried out. We also perform high-quality visualization of the finished product, to understand and take into account the needs of customers, even before the start of work.
        - Also, we constantly update the tools of our machine park, guided by the needs of our customers, and understanding where we can simplify parts and products to make them better.

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Вдячний за професійний підхід до моєї справи. Звернувшись за розробкою яка не мала чіткого функціонального і візуального визначення в кінцевому результаті я отримав продукт який явно перевершив мої сподівання. Під час розробки були визначені функціональні властивості продукту, прорахований бюджет і затверджені терміни. Всі пропозиції були враховані, тому дякую за швидку і професійну роботу. Надалі буду користуватися послугами цієї компанії.


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