All the objects you see around you, things you use every day, the chair you sit on - were created by someone. If subject design is about all things in a person's daily life, then industrial design is about preparing a certain subject for production, taking into account its functional features, form and purpose, interaction with a person.


We are specialists in metalworking, and we assure you that a lot of useful and cool things can be made, if not only from metal, then from metal and related materials and devices.

In the context of our service, several subtypes can be distinguished:


    - First, it is the creation of a new object, product or service, the function of which is to solve a certain problem. Given certain rules, wishes, limitations and context of its use.

    - Analysis and improvement of the existing product or object, improving its immediate function, or optimizing the process of its production, and as a result - the price and production time.

    - Development of a series of products, such as furniture, united by a common style and brand.

What works do we perform during project development:


    - After communicating with the service customer, we formulate a simple and clear technical task. On the basis of which we look for analogs (references) of already existing products, highlight their positive and negative sides. We take into account the possibilities of production and available materials.

    - The next step is the preparation of several versions of sketches by hand (sketches), they serve as a starting point in agreeing and choosing the main concept of the product, before developing a 3d model.

    - Next, the 3d model is developed in CAD (automated design system). The model is parametric, which allows you to quickly make changes to it and, if necessary, develop several construction configurations in parallel.

    - Based on the 3d model, a documentation package is developed, which includes: drawings for assembly (or welding) of the product; drawings of individual parts for bending and (or) milling and turning works. Files for controlling machines, containing information for cutting and forming the product (DXF, STEP, IGES and others, if necessary).

    - We also perform photo-realistic visualization of the product, to understand the final appearance of the product, paint selection, for marketing purposes.

    - Then a product prototype is created. After the analysis of which, either certain adjustments and changes are made, or serial production is launched, if this was planned.

For more detailed information, you can call the numbers below or write to us by mail. We are also available on Telegram, Viber and social networks.

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Вдячний за професійний підхід до моєї справи. Звернувшись за розробкою яка не мала чіткого функціонального і візуального визначення в кінцевому результаті я отримав продукт який явно перевершив мої сподівання. Під час розробки були визначені функціональні властивості продукту, прорахований бюджет і затверджені терміни. Всі пропозиції були враховані, тому дякую за швидку і професійну роботу. Надалі буду користуватися послугами цієї компанії.

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