After the first stage of processing, laser cutting, we got high-quality and dimensionally accurate parts, but they are flat. The easiest way to give volume to the product is bending.


Our sheet bending machine is powerful enough to bend parts up to 15 millimeters thick, while being precise and flexible) in matching different types of tools to it. That allows you to perform parts of complex geometry and parts with smooth bend lines, radii of 15, 20, 25, and 40 millimeters. We also have a flattening tool that allows you to bend the sharp edge of the metal, for safety and to improve the visual appearance of the finished product.


In which cases we are contacted, and we offer sheet metal bending operations:

    - In the case when the sheet bending operation replaces welding work, which allows you to save money, increase the production speed and avoid performing work on cleaning and processing of welded seams and grinding/polishing.

    - For requirements that the product or structure must be collapsible. These are, for example, housings of household appliances or industrial equipment. Or when it is not possible or desirable to perform welding work at the place of installation of the structure.

    - Also, thanks to the addition of additional bending lines, we increase the rigidity of the structure, which allows us to use a smaller thickness of metal, significantly reducing the weight and price of the product.


    - The maximum bending length is 3050 mm;

    - Maximum effort 220 and rack;

    - ESA 640 CNC control system.

Thanks to 7 CNC axes, including Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2 + anti-deflection, we can bend parts up to 450mm ZEV depth and 350mm beam stroke.


Thus, in two stages of processing, laser cutting and bending, we can obtain a complex finished product, but in some cases this is not enough, and milling and turning operations and welding must also be provided.

types of metals that can be cut

Carbon steel
Stainless Steel
Galvanized sheet

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